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Sex Bot what???

Sex Bot what???

I know some sims still use traffic bots but… this? A damn naked bot on a poseball? And someone actually pays for that? O.o


What the fuck is going on with people on SL?

Yesterday I was organizing my inventory (well, I was trying at least…) and suddenly a chatgroup opened:

[2014/02/03 15:57:36] A random sl-domme: sluts
[2014/02/03 15:57:47] A Resident: yes

Yes it’s a naughty group and that happens a lot, it’s not really a problem. I even commented to that:

[2014/02/03 15:57:58]  Nightwish Sveiss: sluts everywhere!

And after a couple of minutes I got this nice IM:

[2014/02/03 16:00:08] ¬†A random sl-domme slides her thick dick into your mouth “milk me. now”

What the fuck? Really. What. The. Fuck?

[2014/02/03 16:01:00] Nightwish Sveiss spits your cum on your face “you should ask a slut for that if you dont want to be spanked hard”
[2014/02/03 16:01:48] A random sl-domme: i said sluts
[2014/02/03 16:01:51] A random sl-domme: why did you fucking reply
[2014/02/03 16:01:56] A random sl-domme: i suggest you watch your fucking mouth
[2014/02/03 16:02:00] A random sl-domme: btw ima hacker
[2014/02/03 16:02:07] A random sl-domme: seriously, walk away whore
[2014/02/03 16:02:12] A random sl-domme: do not interupt another dom
[2014/02/03 16:02:13] A random sl-domme: ever
[2014/02/03 16:02:27] A random sl-domme: dumb bitch. you know the fucking rules
[2014/02/03 16:02:59] A random sl-domme: YOU REPLIED TO ME WHORE
[2014/02/03 16:03:02] A random sl-domme: i dont even fucking know you
[2014/02/03 16:03:06] A random sl-domme: other than you replied to my call for sluts
[2014/02/03 16:03:14] A random sl-domme: how fucking stupid are you? srsly just walk away
[2014/02/03 16:03:17] A random sl-domme: youve done enough damage

Did I answer her desperate call for sex? Where? How? Did I interrupt her? Please someone tell me! :O And why do I have the feeling she sent the same message to everyone in that group chat at the same time???

NOTE: I censored the names to protect the innocents and the idiots.