What the fuck is going on with people on SL?

Yesterday I was organizing my inventory (well, I was trying at least…) and suddenly a chatgroup opened:

[2014/02/03 15:57:36] A random sl-domme: sluts
[2014/02/03 15:57:47] A Resident: yes

Yes it’s a naughty group and that happens a lot, it’s not really a problem. I even commented to that:

[2014/02/03 15:57:58]  Nightwish Sveiss: sluts everywhere!

And after a couple of minutes I got this nice IM:

[2014/02/03 16:00:08]  A random sl-domme slides her thick dick into your mouth “milk me. now”

What the fuck? Really. What. The. Fuck?

[2014/02/03 16:01:00] Nightwish Sveiss spits your cum on your face “you should ask a slut for that if you dont want to be spanked hard”
[2014/02/03 16:01:48] A random sl-domme: i said sluts
[2014/02/03 16:01:51] A random sl-domme: why did you fucking reply
[2014/02/03 16:01:56] A random sl-domme: i suggest you watch your fucking mouth
[2014/02/03 16:02:00] A random sl-domme: btw ima hacker
[2014/02/03 16:02:07] A random sl-domme: seriously, walk away whore
[2014/02/03 16:02:12] A random sl-domme: do not interupt another dom
[2014/02/03 16:02:13] A random sl-domme: ever
[2014/02/03 16:02:27] A random sl-domme: dumb bitch. you know the fucking rules
[2014/02/03 16:02:59] A random sl-domme: YOU REPLIED TO ME WHORE
[2014/02/03 16:03:02] A random sl-domme: i dont even fucking know you
[2014/02/03 16:03:06] A random sl-domme: other than you replied to my call for sluts
[2014/02/03 16:03:14] A random sl-domme: how fucking stupid are you? srsly just walk away
[2014/02/03 16:03:17] A random sl-domme: youve done enough damage

Did I answer her desperate call for sex? Where? How? Did I interrupt her? Please someone tell me! :O And why do I have the feeling she sent the same message to everyone in that group chat at the same time???

NOTE: I censored the names to protect the innocents and the idiots.


One thought on “What the fuck is going on with people on SL?”

  1. Shit happens. Everytime :3

    Wanna laugh? Once in a “themed” land i licked a random bystander for fun (you know i have that animated funny tongue).

    As a result i creeped to death a maniac hygienist and have been scolded in im (just for extra fun: that very hygienist was also the land owner and almost kicked me out)

    From this point my story goes on a different line: talking a little with that person and sincerely apologizing i fixed it.

    This is what’s happening: people is loosing altogheter the capability to be nice and talkative to others. The domme/sub perspective is reduced, for those wannabe dommes, to “Gimmegimmegimme and youre a wad of shit with no rights, come and get trampled”

    Aint too easy pretending to be omnipotent and just having rights to be the commander of everyone without a domming aura in a few miles range?

    When i was younger, to have a tasty, docile, submitting prey you had to lure it in with your charm and wrap it up into your sticky net until it was done for..

    The whole point was to make someone feeling *in deep and compulsive urge* to stand by you and please you, not making them thinking a polite way to push you away.

    Maybe im just too old fashioned and obsolete.

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