How to block RedZone’s (and Quickware Alt Detector) server(s) with a firewall on Linux.

Hello there!

A quick post, just my 2cents to help GreenZone’s friends!

Fart Admiral made a nice Windows program that blocks RedZone’s server(s) with just one click, it’s a simple trick but works like a charm! If you are a Windows user, please get it from her marketplace page (its free!).

NOTE: Nothing there now but since Redzone is gone, that shouldn’t be a problem!

I wanted to help, so at first I made a simple script which does the same thing. Then I decided it would have been better to explain how to use standard Linux tools to do that: it’s easy, it’s safer, you will learn new useful thing, and you won’t have to trust a system script handled to you by a complete stranger!

Instruction here are for Debian Linux, there is no difference if you use Ubuntu. Usually, user of other distros are skilled enough to know what to do and to fix differences for their OS. If you use another distro and don’t know what to do, feel free to contact me and I will help.

First thing, let’s install a Firewall, the program that protects your connection. My choice is Firestarter. Click the Debian main menu, then Accessories, Terminal. Now type the following command in the window that will open.

sudo apt-get install firestarter

Type your password when prompted, answer “Yes” if needed and wait a little while the program is downloaded and installed.

Done? Ok, now run it with the following line:

sudo firestarter

You will be asked a couple of questions but usually the default options are ok, change them if you need and click forward/save.

Once you have done that, you will see the main window of the program and we are ready to block the RZ server!

Click the “Policy” tab, select “Outbound traffic policy” in the Editing dropdown menu and check “Permissive by default, blacklist traffic”. Now, right click in the white space under “Deny connections to host” and select “Add rule” from the menu.  A new window will open. Enter these urls and click add after each one.


Go back to the “Status” tab, stop and restart the firewall with the big button. Done! If you try to open the RZ website in your web browser you will see an error, which means everything went fine: now your pc can’t connect to RZ until they change the server (but we can always add them again and again)!

Now you can safely enjoy your SecondLife with media turned on again, have fun!


4 thoughts on “How to block RedZone’s (and Quickware Alt Detector) server(s) with a firewall on Linux.”

  1. Hi, I just stumbled across this posting. That is way of overkill.

    Just add and to your hosts.deny file under /etc. That’s in every *nix and super simple 🙂


    1. Yeah I know that, but the title says “with a firewall” 😛 I prefer this way for multiple reasons:
      – I don’t like telling people who doesn’t know me to touch their system files (if they are confident with that, 99% they already know what to do anyway);
      – With a firewall you get a warning when your pc is trying to connect, aka you know that sim uses RZ (in this case);
      – Installing a firewall is a good thing anyway! Thanks for the comment 🙂 (I miss rainbow viewer btw :/)
      ((btw, host.deny means they can’t connect to you, but you can connect to them, and thats what happens with RZ, the IP-Checker we use to test still get IPs with hosts.deny))

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